20 January 2012

The Dickinson lab website in new dress

Browsing around I recently found that the Dickinson lab, where AFL memeber Florian Muijres now is a postdoc, has a new look. The old classic version can still be accessed, while the new lab website "FlyRanch" demarcates the move by this lab from CalTech, Los Angeles, to University of Washington, Seattle. The webiste shows the great range of research done by this lab. Have a look and get impressed. The lab members are assigned different characters and characteristics of typical fantasy literature creatures. The leader of the clan, overlord Michael himself is "ruthless and fearless"! Now we look forward to see which character Florian will assume.
A new paper in Current Biology from FlyRanch deals with polarized light perception in fruit flies, and could be consulted as a typical contribution.

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