27 May 2009

Next lab meeting will be on Friday at 10:00, Argumentet, where we will discuss our wish list for the CAnMove technological innovation lab. What can they do for us, and what do we want them to do. Yesterday Arne and Johan presented themselves at the CAnMove seminar, and my impression was that potentially they can be very useful to us. I will meet with them next week as part of their "inventory" to present what we decide on.

26 May 2009

Dear All Animal Flight Lab members!

To facilitate communication among us I have created this blog, and invited you all as writers. You only have to get a google account (which I am sure you already have), and  then you can post whatever could be of interest. I was thinking of highlighting new research papers, from ourselves or others, information about meetings and anything else of relevance. Hope you find this a useful way of communicating.