13 January 2012

Span efficiency of desert locusts

In a new paper, AFL-postdoc Per Henningsson, now working in the flight group at Oxford University, and Richard Bomphry have published a paper about "Time-varying span efficiency through the wingbeat of desert locusts" in the journal Interface. They use time-resolved PIV to work out the span efficiency, which is something that we have tried also in Lund. In a previous paper Richard Bomphrey had estimated that span-efficiency is 0.89 at mid-downstroke in the locust. The Oxford Group uses a slightly different calculation method that is customary in Lund, and so we will read this paper for our next lab meeting. The question is how much the difference in method matters to the final result, if it matters at all. It is nice to see the spread of PIV in the animal flight research community, and there are certainly still lots of research needed to be done. The answer, by the way, was 0.79.

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