02 February 2012

New publication in French Academy journal

In a new paper published in the French Academy of Science journal, Comptes Rendus Mechanique, members of the Lund Animal Flight Lab has published a paper about a bat-inspired flapper (see figure). The paper is entitled "Stroke plane angle controls leading edge vortex in a bat-inspired flapper", This is an attempt to mimic the flight of a true bat, and how a wing composed of a compliant membranous surface function. The advantage of working with a flapper is that it can be programmed to move its wings in all possible ways, i.e. also in ways that live bats usually don't do, and so the whole kinematic parameter space can be explored. The drawback is of course ,as with all models, to know how much the model depart in performance from the real system and if it matters. The current paper describes the development of a leading edge vortex (LEV) during the downstroke, which is an important aerodynamic ingredient of slow bat flight. The LEV dynamics was partially controlled by the stroke plane angle. A copy of the paper can be obtain my mailing (anders.hedenstrom@biol.lu.se)

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