30 June 2009

Second day of SEB Glasgow

Short report from the second day:

This day I spent almost entierly in the Biomechanics sessions. There were several interesting talks about stability in walking and running on both humans and other animals. Furthermore this day was the one with the "flight-session", in which Rhea and Melissa had their talks. Rhea had a very nice talk about the comparison between the two bats species beeing studied in Lund. It was an exellent talk showing very nicely comparisons between both kinematics and aerodynamics, with some nice movies on SDPIV results and the beautiful iso-surfaces. Melissa held her fascinating talk about the effect of moult gaps on kinematics and aerodynamics of the flycathcers. This talk was also very good and showed very clearly the impact of the moult gap on both kinematics and aerodynamics. Good work both of you! My talk was not in the Biomechanics session, but in the General Biology session. I talked about flight speeds in swifts during three different seasons and behaviours; spring migration, autumn migration and summer roosting.

Furthermore, in the biomechanics session, there were a couple of talks about butterfly and hawkmoth flight, with some application to MAV design. Very impressive work. Anna Carruthers talked about here Steppe Eagle and the function of the leading edge flap and some CFD analysis on high angles of attack during landing. Bret Tobalske had a nice talk about muscle activity and metabolic rate in hummingbird including power curve estimate. Excellent.

After the sessions we all took a walk through the city center all the way to the Cathedral. This was an impressive building, as many others are in this city. We all returned to our hotels satisfied and tired from a full day of impressions.


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  1. Sounds like a great meeting. Well done everybody to give such sparkling presentations! Now you can relax and absorb whatever there is to absorb - enjoy the rest of the meeting. Cheers!