26 June 2009

Flight lab at SEB

During next week the annual scientific meeting of the Society for Experimental Biology is taking place in Glasgow, Scotland. This is a major arena for animal flight related work, and the Lund Animal Flight Lab is represented by three members - all giving oral presentations about their work. Melissa Bowlin is talking about "the aerodynamics of moult gaps", Per Henningsson is presenting work on "flight speeds in swifts" (partly based on his recent Proc R Soc B paper), and Rhea von Busse is talking about "Bat kinematics and aerodynamics". I am sure all these talks will be of great interest to the lucky audience. If possible, we will be able to read daily bulletins from the SEB conference composed by Melissa, Per and Rhea on this blog. Looking forward to getting updated about the research front of our field.

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