15 January 2013

Flight Lab 2013 initial efforts

The transition into 2013 has involved a well deserved holiday for members of the Animal Flight Lab, and we have now gathered  gain to resume activities. The Tuesday lab meetings are now populated by two more people than has been the rule the last year. Marta Wolf has returned back from her postdoc at Berkeley, California, and will now join us again, initially on her repatriation funds. Anders attended the annual meeting of the KTH Linnaeus FLOW centre, where he gave a talk about the research we have carried out over the last decade or so. After the meeting he visited the low turbulence windtunnel at the Department of Mechanics (see picture), where research on flow transition is a current point in focus.

Today the entire group made a joint effort to move the boxes containing the laser for our new PIV system. As last time we encountered some problems in getting the large and heavy wooden boxes into the wind tunnel building, but we completed with success. The image shows when we rejected the first method of getting the power supply in through the side door, an attempt that was abandoned in favour of the more direct route through the basement floor after having unpacked the box.

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