19 September 2011

Textbook about bats

It is time to activate this blog again, a semester and a new lab meetings ahead. We, the Animal Flight Lab at Lund University, will have weekly lab meetings on Tuesday mornings at 09:00, where we discuss a recent paper and other lab businesses. We look forward to a very active autumn, and we especially welcome Christoffer back from a paternal leave! It is a pleasure to note that there is a brand new edition of John Altringham's book "Bats: from evolution to conservation" (Oxford), where the flight section has been updated to include some Lund results on bat wakes. We appreciate this since the current view on bat wakes has changed quite dramatically in recent years due to those experiments, which have also been confirmed by experiments at Brown University. So, we finally made it into the textbook lore!

Please also note that the lab is looking for a new PhD student (see advertisement at the links below, in Swedish and English, respectively).

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