28 February 2011

Animal Flight Research Highlighted in Research Council Annual Report

In the current "Annual Report for 2010" from the Swedish Research Council (VR), our research on animal flight was selected to illustrate "basic research of the highest quality", which is an investment in the future. It's very nice to be appreciated in this way, I think, by our main funding body and we should see that as a token of achieved quality and visibility. There is also some accompanying text on VR:s website, with answers to some questions about the research. The picture on the left was taken earlier this winter, when AH was performing some critical experiments.

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  1. Respected Sir,

    IS it possible to control a bird maneuver by humans(like the way a horse rider make his horse turn left, right and jump)and study its aerodynamic in a controlled manner.An If we can do this they can be best use as MAV/UAV for spaying.

    A very light weight part operated by radio control can be fixed to their body which will force them to fly according to our way.

    Just an idea.....inspied by the movie "Train your dragon"

    Pritam Ashutosh sahu