24 August 2010

Animal Flight Lab on Bat Conference, Prague

Members of the Animal Flight Lab are currently attending the 15th International Bat Research Conference in Prague. This is the main outlet for bat science, being the biggest assemblage of bat scientists ever at 550 individuals. In the afternoon on Monday (23 August) we had the flight symposium, organised by Anders H and Sharon Swartz, Brown University. Members of both the Lund and Brown labs gave excellent presentations, showing how kinematics and PIV data could be used to get lots of information (Florian Muijres and Rhea von Busse). Other talks were on flight mechanical constraints on bat size (Ulla Lindhe Norberg), context-dependent flight speeds (Marc Holderied), energetics by Na-Bicarbonate isotope analysis (Christian Voigt), and muscle and tendon morphology in the wings (Sharon Swartz). In the evening, the whole group of speakers went in to Prague for a excellent dinner at a restaurant (Café du Paris, see picture). After dinner we strolled through central Prague and into the old city. Today (Tuesday, 24 August) we have enjoyed many more interesting talks, and soon we will attend the poster session, where Melanie Stuiver will present her poster on the bat robot (RoBat).

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  1. Cool! You seem to have had a nice time in Prague!