15 April 2010

DelFly makes it into the Lund Wind Tunnel

On Friday 9 April, last week, the dutch MAV experts B. W. van Oudheusden and Bart Remes from the TU Delft visited Lund and the Animal Flight Lab. The reason for their visit was discussion about Melanie Stuiver's MAV design. The dutch lab develops some famous MAVs, such as the DelFly, which is inspired by insect flyers such as dragonflies (and uses a clap-and-fling mechanism), and the Roboswift, which is inspired by the morphing wings of real swifts. As a proof of concept the DelFly was tested in the wind tunnel, with medium success. It turned out to be somewhat hard to control it's flight in the tunnel, but after some practice pilot Bart Remes could keep the fly stationary in the test section at a speed about 2 m/s.

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