01 September 2009

New Fridge for the Wind tunnel

A new fridge was delivered today, 1 September 2009, to be used for storing animal food for wind tunnel birds and bats. The fridge has a constant temperature facility, meaning it has a fan that mixes the air inside the fridge. The old fridge was broken since many years and in the interim a constant temperature box has been used, which accommodates fridge-like temperatures but is otherwise not large enough. The recent problems with the large generic cold rooms in the Ecology building, with measurable water depth on floor and mold infestations, made this acquisition a necessary step in order to be able to keep high quality mealworms, crickets, honey, and nectar plus at optimal conditions. The picture shows happy Florian Muijres and Melissa Bowlin during the installation procedure of the new fridge.

1 comment:

  1. I hope we can store some damselflies in that fridge too, next summer, when we will hopefully fly them in the windtunnel!