05 July 2009

...more from SEB

Since I'm finally back from Glasgow and back online I also wanted to add some information from the SEB conference. So first, I wanted to say that also Per gave an excellent talk but it was a pity that he wasn't in the Biomechanics session! But maybe he did a good thing in getting some genetics people interested in swifts...

On Tuesday I went to the radio workshop with Alun Lewis, who had worked for the BBC a long time and gave us many interesting and useful tips how to perform in a radio interview. Since the rest of the world has a hard time understanding scientists and has no chance of gaining knowledge if we don't try really hard to get out of our science language. I was interviewed on how we can be like superheroes :) It was a great workshop!

Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about the last day, because I wasn't at the conference any more, but instead I made a trip to Loch Ness and the Highlands, which I enjoyed a lot! Here is a small impression of what I saw that day:

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