26 May 2009

Dear All Animal Flight Lab members!

To facilitate communication among us I have created this blog, and invited you all as writers. You only have to get a google account (which I am sure you already have), and  then you can post whatever could be of interest. I was thinking of highlighting new research papers, from ourselves or others, information about meetings and anything else of relevance. Hope you find this a useful way of communicating.



  1. Cool to see that also this lab has a blog now! I will link to your blog through mine, so that we can keep track of each other and to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration between the two best labs in the Department of Ecology!

  2. Nice! I will do likewise so that we can easily connect between complimentary and creative labs. This will be increasingly important as we will have the joint postdoc soon.

  3. Vi kan ju iochförsig kommunicera på svenska också :)! Kul med två lab som "ligger i framkant" på IT-fronten :)